Kaspersky Automated Security Awareness Platform

The easy-to-manage online tool that builds your employees’ cybersecurity skills level by level

Created by leading cybersecurity experts

Efficiency and ease-of-use

  • 25 years

    25 years experience

    Content based on 25+ years experience in cybersecurity

  • Practical skills

    350+ practical skills

    350+ practical skills cover all key cybersecurity topics

  • management

    Training management

    Automated training management

Flexible learning

The Kaspersky Automated Security Awareness Platform includes a main course and an express course, to suit your needs at any time.

main course

Main Course

Comprehensive awareness training with topics divided into complexity levels

Ideal scenario

When organizations want their employees to receive more detailed, comprehensive training, the main course takes a thorough approach. It combines incremental learning and a variety of training formats. All elements of the training – practical lessons, reinforcements, tests and simulated phishing attacks – are delivered automatically.

express course

Express Course

Short, highly engaging training in audio-video format

Ideal scenario

The express course is a great way to teach basic but essential cybersecurity awareness quickly and in an entertaining manner. It’s also ideal for refreshing existing knowledge periodically. The topics incorporate interactive theory, videos and tests, and the course administrator can also set-up additionally simulated phishing attacks.


Phishing Simulator

Makes sure that your employees don’t fall for phishing

Ideal scenario

It’s vitally important that all employees have the awareness and skills needed to counter phishing attacks, even those users who are familiar with the topic. Phishing attacks are part of the main course, and are sent to students automatically. They can also be assigned before or after training to track employees’ progress, and assess their ability to resist these attacks.

See the platform in action from the students’ point of view – watch the demo video now:

User-friendly dashboards & actionable reporting

  • Get live data tracking, trends, and real-time forecasts

  • Address issues before they become problems (e.g., you know which organizational units need more attention and can influence their results)

  • Use forecasts to achieve training goals

  • Detailed reports with the possibility to drill down to the individual level

A training program that works

The acquired skills will be applied

  • trophy

    Up-to-date content created by leading cybersecurity experts

  • gear

    Full automation ensures ease-of-use both for learners and administrators

  • gear

    Design based on the best teaching principles and methodologies that combat the decline in memory retention over time

  • file

    No overload—the micro-learning modules allow users to set their own pace and learn only relevant skills

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