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Kaspersky Automated Security Awareness Platform

The easy-to-manage online tool that builds your employees’ cybersecurity skills level by level

Created by leading cybersecurity experts

You can try the Kaspersky Automated Security Awareness Platform for free.

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Easy-to-set training targets

Set training targets based on employee risk profiles

Easy-to-use reports to measure training results

Save employee time by only assigning what they need to learn

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Automated management

Automation helps build lesson schedules based on the target level and monitor employee progress.

Lesson schedules are customized for each user to ensure a comfortable pace and workload.

Knowledge reinforcement to help form strong skills.

Interactive lessons

Email reinforcement

4 days after all lessons are finished

Knowledge Test

7 days after all lessons are finished

Simulated phishing attack

10 days after all lessons are finished

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User-friendly dashboards & and easy-to-read reports

Real-time tracking of trainee data, dynamics and forecasts.

Address issues before they become problems (e.g. you know which departments need more attention and can influence their results).

Use forecasts to achieve training goals.

Compare your results with relevant benchmarks.

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Fun and effective training

Interactive elements increase engagement.

Training based on everyday life.

Users can compare their results with others.

No long, boring lessons! Micro-units to master only the necessary skills.

Launch training in just a few clicks

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