Kaspersky Automated Security Awareness Platform

The easy-to-manage online tool that builds your employees’ cybersecurity skills level by level

Created by leading cybersecurity experts

Efficiency and ease-of-use

  • 25 years

    25 years experience

    Content based on 25+ years experience in cybersecurity

  • Practical skills

    350+ practical skills

    350+ practical skills cover all key cybersecurity topics

  • management

    Training management

    Automated training management

Flexible learning

The Kaspersky Automated Security Awareness Platform includes a main course and an express course, to suit your needs at any time.

See the platform in action from the students’ point of view – watch the demo video now:

User-friendly dashboards & actionable reporting

  • Get live data tracking, trends, and real-time forecasts

  • Address issues before they become problems (e.g., you know which organizational units need more attention and can influence their results)

  • Use forecasts to achieve training goals

  • Detailed reports with the possibility to drill down to the individual level

A training program that works

The acquired skills will be applied

  • trophy

    Up-to-date content created by leading cybersecurity experts

  • gear

    Full automation ensures ease-of-use both for learners and administrators

  • gear

    Design based on the best teaching principles and methodologies that combat the decline in memory retention over time

  • file

    No overload—the micro-learning modules allow users to set their own pace and learn only relevant skills

Launch your online security awareness training in just a few steps